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Monday, October 18, 2021

Welcome to Ecoinflow

ECOINFLOW final outcomes

The main project objective was to facilitate implementation of tailor-made Energy Management System (EnMS) and reduced the annual energy use in the European sawmills industry sector through international engagement, collaboration and knowledge transfer. In order to help the EnMS implementation, the ECOINFLOW partners produced the SawEnMS handbook, one of the major project outcomes. The handbook is a guide for sawmills on how to implement a practical and usable EnMS. By following the guide, the sawmill companies will develop a framework for working with energy management. The pilot version of the handbook was tested among the members of ECOINFLOW sawmills network. So far more than 50 sawmills joined our network helping us to reach our energy saving target.

The Sawbenchmark tool was also produced. The tool offers the opportunity for companies to compare their own energy consumption to fifty European sawmills. 


Latest News

SawEnMs Handbook presented at InnovaWood General assembly, Zagreb by Administrator Account
The Ecoinflow final outcomes were presented during the last InnovaWood General Assembly. The  InnovaWood annual meeting took place on 10-11th June in Zagreb, Croatia. The meeting was hosted by Forestry faculty Zagreb. 
ECOINFLOW at Ligna fair 2015, presented by Thünen Institute by Administrator Account
The ECOINFLOW project was presented at LIGNA fair by Thünen Institute. The visitors had a possibility to get familiar with final project outcomes and get their own example of the SawEnMS handbook at TI booth.
ECOINFLOW Training - Bolzano, Italy by Administrator Account
The second training session this year was held on 11th March in Innovation Park, Bolzano, Italy. The training was part of the workshop organised for German speaking sawmill mangers in Bolzano region.
ECOINFLOW training session held for visiting Portuguese companies by Admin

The ECOINFLOW training session was held on 24th February hosted jointly by Swedish Energy Agency (SEA) and  SP. The training session was aimed for several Portuguese sawmill representatives and staff of SEA. 

ECOINFLOW in brief

Thematic Priority:Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE)
Duration: 01/05/2012-30/04/2015
Partners12 EU partners

Project supported by


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Henning Horn
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0314 Oslo
Phone: +47 90 037013

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